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I like to pick up pennies that are heads up off the ground.

I like waking up and hearing birds chirping outside. I like coffee. I like the peace and quiet of the country. I like going on walks especially with my dog Roxy. I drive a yellow car which I think fits me perfectly. I want a garden. I’m determined to win an HGTV Dream Home. I play guitar and pretend to play piano. I like cute dogs and puppies. I like spaghetti or really any type of pasta. I don’t eat pancakes unless they have chocolate chips on them.

chairI would rearrange my furniture everyday if I could … my husband wouldn’t allow it. I can sing a whole Celine Dion song in French and have no clue what I’m singing. I played basketball, soccer, and ran track in high school and was voted most athletic. I’m fascinated with the Amish. I love vintage. I love spring. I love the sound a harp makes.
At one point I thought I could be a professional karaoke contest winner.

I like how it smells after it rains.

I like storms unless they are scary. I like making cookies with my grandma and eating the cookie dough. I have a thing about dates(like on the calendar). I like family vacations and the ocean. I’m really bad at ordering food at restaurants. I still call my college roommate my roommate.
I like drinking coffee in the morning while I watch Good Morning America. I like to sew things. I can’t function unless my house is clean. I think I could be a professional organizer. When I was in college I refused to do homework unless it was at a coffee shop. I love the fall but could do without winter.

I grew up on a farm and wouldn’t have it any other way.

I just recently stopped watching the Disney Channel. I like necklaces. I like sunsets. I like to sleep a lot. I think breakfast is the best thing ever. I like antiques and old houses and anything that looks vintage and rustic. I’m really bad at making decisions.

I even changed my college decision the weekend before I was suppose to be there. I would be perfectly okay with someone picking out my clothes for me and maybe even shopping. I love old people and singing at nursing homes. They make me happy. I’ve tried out for American Idol twice, America’s got Talent, and the voice, but they didn’t like me.

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The stars they come alive, we walk at night.

I didn't close my eyes all night...

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